Phase I - Introduction and Assessment

The purpose of this phase is to personally meet the individual and to evaluate their life-need situation as well as determine whether they need and/or desire the long-term recovery training offered by Teen Challenge. Each patron receives a clear witness of the power of Jesus Christ to change lives.

Phase II - Pre-Induction and Application

Individuals, with life-controlling needs, are required to complete a Background Check and an application for entrance into the program and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations clearly defined within the application. Further, they must have a complete athletic physical and blood tests for Basic STD, HIV, Hepatitis Panel (A,B & C) and TB. Be sure to sign release forms for doctor's office so your results can be sent to us. We need these forms before you come into the program.

Phase III - Induction

This is the beginning of the recovery process which involves 3-4 months of character development using group and personal Bible study along with faith-based counseling, chapels and hands-on ministry opportunities.

Phase IV - Advanced Recovery Training

This phase is a long-term residential program, 8-12 months in length, designed for Christian growth and development, academic (GED) and vocational skills improvement.

Phase V - ReEntry

This phase provides temporary housing, personal and family counseling, assistance in finding suitable employment and in becoming involved with a vibrant church fellowship.

Program Overview

Success Stories