What age group limits are there?
Our program is for men 17 3/4 years old and up. We have multiple facilities and do group by age when possible.

18 months is a long time. Why so long?
There are five phases to the Teen Program. We are one of the few centers that offers Phase Five which prepares our students for re-entry into society as productive citizens.

What medications are permitted?
We are a drug free zone. Here are the three kinds of prescribed medications allowed in this program:

Is tobacco use permitted?
The answer is NO! We do not allow medicated patches to help eliminate tobacco cravings.

Is there a program for women?
Yes. It is located at another location and we are able to furnish referrals for that program.

Are there visitation times allowed?
Passes for home visits are determined by the student's progress. Family contacts are not automatic. The student may send and receive mail weekly. After satisfactory completion of 6 weeks in the program, phone calls are allowed.

May I work while I'm in the program?
NO, due to the nature and schedule of program, students are not able to seek employment or be employed during the first 12 months of the program.

May I enter the program if I have upcoming court dates?

I am a sex offender. May I apply for the program?
WE ARE PROHIBITED FROM accepting individuals with sex offenses in their background.

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